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U-Haul Rental

U-Haul Rental

Making Your Life Easier

Whether you move down the street or across the country, Charapata Seed Sales U-Haul makes it easier to relocate. Charapata Seed Sales U-Haul offers one-way, and two-way vehicle rentals of moving trucks and trailers. No matter the distance or the size of the move, we have moving trucks and trailers available for the task in Northeast Wisconsin.

Making Your Life Easier

Make your move a breeze with the safe, spacious U-Haul moving vehicles that are easy to load, drive to your destination, and unload. Get started by contacting your full-service U-Haul dealer in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Charapata Seed Sales or reserve your moving vehicle online at U-Haul.

Charapata Seed Sales, started as a seed dealership passed from grandfather to grandson, has since diversified into a bustling business serving the needs of farms and families in Northeast Wisconsin. Stop in and see what we’re all about.

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731 French Street
Peshtigo, WI 54157





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